Art And Fashion: Tips For Not Torturing Kids Backpacks School

Saturday, March 2, 2013

Tips For Not Torturing Kids Backpacks School

Cilacap, Compared to other types of bags, the most widely used backpack for school. Although practical, parents should pay attention to some things in order to use this bag does not cause problems for the child's back.

Excess backpack bag model than the other is located on the second rope designed to distribute the load more evenly on the shoulders. Because it is supported also by the back and the muscles around it, this bag can make the wearer feel tired.

However, if not used the right way, these bags can also cause injury to muscles, spine and joints. In the long run, the growth of the child may develop disorders that affect the change of posture.

To prevent these problems, here are some things to consider when using a backpack, quoted by AP.

Choose an roped wide and padded
With the same load, a wider strap will put pressure on the shoulders smaller so it is more convenient. Avoid rope is too small if the backpack was about to fill a book in large quantities because it will cause pain in the shoulder.

Soft pads also enhance comfort at the shoulders. While in the back, bearing function is not only to increase comfort but also to protect children from possible punctured pencil or ruler that is in the backpack.

Select the appropriate size
Besides being unsightly, the size of a backpack that is too large can make a child do not move freely. If only used to bring school supplies instead of camping gear, backpack size should be no more than 3/4 the height of the child.

Arrange content by weight backpack
In order not to cause the back to get tired, backpack contents should be arranged properly. Books or luggage that weighs heaviest should be placed closest to the back in order to get the strongest foothold.

Overall, the heavy backpack and its contents should not exceed 15 percent of the body weight of the child to be brought. If the child to have to bend down, it signifies that the contents of a backpack is too heavy.

Adjust the strap tightness
No provision is how powerful backpack straps should be tightened, which is important to adjust the most comfortable feel. Too loose or too tight will be uncomfortable and affect the distribution of the unequal burden on the muscles that endorse them.

If equipped with a belt, tighten it until you feel comfortable enough to position the backpack on your back becomes more stable. The load on your back will be supported by the more perfect by the body when the strap is worn.

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